Aluminum Folding Door Systems

Regardless of the material you choose for your replacement door project, Dongyu Doors has it covered!

Let’s take a look at the two most commonly door manufacturing used materials; vinyl and aluminum (Aluminum Folding Door Systems)


ALUMINUM DOORS: Aluminum is stronger than wood or vinyl. For this reason, it is still the dominant choice in architectural and demanding commercial applications.

Its strength also allows framing widths to be minimized, allowing for larger glass areas in aluminum windows and doors. Aluminum doors have made huge strides over the years in terms of advancement and the material itself is a good thermal conductor, therefore most aluminum door manufacturers offer “thermal break” products. In these designs, a structural insulating material is incorporated between the interior and exterior aluminum. Created as an alternative to wood, aluminum doors are strong, sturdy, and aesthetically pleasing.

They do like most modern folding door systems require periodical maintenance; keeping the track debris free and well-lubricated will ensure your doors remain easy to operate. For more info on door aftercare & maintenance click HERE. Unlike many other metals, aluminum does not become weaker when the temperature drops, making it a great choice for exterior doors. However, the material is known to weaken (like most) when faced with extreme temperatures.

This is due to its high heat conductivity, which makes it vulnerable to heat. Having said that they’re naturally resistant to corrosion, even before being treated. Small scratches and marks can be easily touched up on an aluminum door. Prior to painting, a small abrasive pad is recommended to remove small marks. After painting, homeowners can easily apply touch-up coats if necessary. Our Signature Aluminum door is our flagship door. Built using a thermally broken aluminum frame, this door is perfect for a job that requires extra large door systems. By reducing the amount of hardware needed to operate the door, we are able to make a more affordable option that meets the structural and design needs of most homes and businesses. Aluminum door is a favorite with restaurants because it allows more control over the opening, traffic, and airflow.

Aluminum Door is available in sizes up to 10 feet in height and unlimited widths. Regardless of the material you choose for your replacement door project, Dongyu Doors has it covered! Tell us about your project.

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